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Grandmaster Walter Godin

Grandmaster Walter Godin

Walter Godin began training with William Chow when he was 18 years old. Later, Walter Godin also trained in Kenpo Karate under the Joe Emperado and Marino Tiwanak at Palama Settlement before they became known as Kajukenbo and became one of the Sargeant at Arms.

In 1961, Walter Godin was asked by his brother-in-law Grandmaster Victor "Sonny" Gascon founder of the Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu to join him. During this time, Walter Godin became a frequent sparring partner for Ed Parker's most famous student - Elvis Presley. It has been said that Walter Godin had to be very careful not to unleash his true skills and hurt the "King of Rock and Roll"! Walter Godin later founded Godin s Chinese Kempo School of Self Defense, which exists to this day.

Grandmaster William Chow promoted Walter Godin and appointed him as one of his successors beside his son. In the 1990's, Walter Godin remained active teaching at Palama Settlement and promoting three martial arts tournament a year in Hawaii until his passing.

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