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Grandmaster Eugene Sedeno

Grandmaster Eugene Sedeno

Born: August 31, 1952, Honolulu, Hawaii Rank: San (3rd) DAN, Shidou-in in Okinawa Kobudo
Shichi (7th) Dan, Professor in Shaolin Kenpo
Hachi (8th) DAN, Professor in KAJUKENBO
Master of KOSHO SHOREI KENPO (Certified Instructor in all of the above)

I started boxing and Judo with Mr. Raymond Yee at the age of ten in Kalihi Valley, Oahu. When we moved to Kaimuki I started in Kajukenbo with Professor Walter Leo Niakala Godin, a black belt of Professor Adriano D. Emperado. I stayed with him and his assistant Mr. Tony Cambra until we moved to Waianae in 1964, I was 12 years old. Here I started with Mr. John Makepa and Brother Abe Kamahoahoa, students of Professor William Kwai Sun Chow, a student of Professor James M. Mitose. While in high school I met Professor Rick Alemany in Waianae. I have been teaching with and for him ever since. On December 17, 1994 I was promoted to the rank of 7 (superscript: th) degree Black Belt, with the title of Professor, in Shaolin Kenpo by Grand Master Rick Alemany in the presence of Great Grand Master Ralph Castro. Then on May 7,1999 the Great Grand Master Ralph Castro promoted me to the rank of 7 (superscript: th) degree black belt with the title of Professor in the International Shaolin Kenpo Association. On June 20,1999 I was promoted to 8 (superscript: th) degree Black Belt with the title of Professor and given Professor's instructor certification by Sijo Adriano Dericto Emperado in the Kajukenbo system. In the presents of co-founder Professor Joseph Holck and other senior high ranking black belts of this style at the 50(superscript: th) anniversary of the Kajukenbo system. I was also the last person promoted by Great Grand Master James Masayoshi Mitose, before his death twelve days later, to the rank of Master on March 15, 1981.

While living in San Francisco I had the privilege of spending many hours of discussion and practice with Paul Pong another Kenpo practitioner from Hawaii.

On June 17, 1996 I was promoted by the International Okinawa Kobudo Association, USA to the rank of Sandan. My sensei is Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi of Kochi, Japan.

In 1980, I won the Chinese Martial Arts Association's and the International Kung Fu Association's Competitor of the Year Awards. My last major win, prior to retiring from competition, was at the 1984 International Karate Championships, where I took first place in the Masters/Instructor Division in Kenpo Kata.

I have been teaching since 1969, and currently instruct at Sedeño's School of Self Defense.
I hold a BSEE and an MBA degree and I am a Regional Field Engineer for Southern California Edison.

Martial Arts Achievements:
- 2002 Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame with THE GOLDEN LIFE ACHIEVMENT AWARD
- 2002 Inducted into the World Wide Martial Arts Hall Of Fame as FOUNDER OF THE YEAR
- 2000 Inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as HEAD FOUNDER THE YEAR, awarded the SOKE title, PROFESSOR title, PhD in Martial Arts and THE GOLDEN LIFE ACHIEVMENT AWARD
- 1999 Recognized at Kenpo's Historic International Gathering of Eagles for contributions to the art
- 1993 Inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR
- 1987 Recognized in Who's Who in American Martial Arts
- 1984 Recognized in Knights of Heaven - Brotherhood of Martial Arts
- 1983 Recognized in Who's Who in Karate
- 1981 Recognized in James M. Mitoses book "What is True Self-Defense"
- 1980 Won the Chinese Martial Arts Association's and the International Kung
Fu Association's COMPETITOR OF THE YEAR awards

- American Teachers Association of Martial Arts
- Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute
- International Shaolin Kenpo Association
- Okinawa Kobudo Association, USA
- Sei Kosho Shorei Kai
- Hawaii Martial Arts International Society

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